Take Back Your Body

A Special Invitation to My Boldest Program Ever

Join Me for the Journey

I love food. I love teaching about food. I love the LOVE that food (and meals) create. Meals set the table for conversation – and for subtle things, like the look on someone’s face when you ask how their day was.

My love affair with food has always been around health. But my weight… well, like SO many working moms, my weight was a struggle. And for ME… I’m sure you understand… I’m IN the health and wellness industry. To not be thin enough was a source of so many things, including embarrassment. I bet you feel that way also, right? When you walk in the room, and everyone’s thinner than you. (Okay, in a health and wellness room, they’re all a size 2, but still…..)

A few months ago, I hit the wall around not FEELING the way I wanted to feel… and maybe not looking that way either. I want to be a GREAT representative to you about what good health looks like and how it feels to be inside a slim body – but I had to figure it out first. As a leader in the dinner table conversation – I mean, I literally OWN “Saving Dinner” – I had to create a breakthrough for MYSELF.

And I did. I did it.


Take Back Your Body

What if, for an entire year, you could have a rolling program of short, quick "diets" that get results, accountability and an on fire community that holds your hand and encourages you, regular Q & A's (live and on screen!), and teaching that will take you beyond just "another diet" but will equip you to make the right choices for your life, your style of eating and will honor your time as well?

We have that now and it's ready to go!

The name of the program is Take Back Your Body!

I'm asking you to join me on this amazing journey. There's so much more to do and so many more places to go! Taking back your body is the place where it can all begin.

You have a power inside of you that is greater than you know. I will help you find it whether it is for the first time or to recapture it again.

You will move mountains. You will become the YOU, you want to be, the YOU, you are meant to be.

It all starts with taking back your body.

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    1 year access to Dinner Answers!

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    Access to all the videos and lessons included in my cooking program!

  • Live Q&A

    I will be taking your questions every month…just for members!

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    Leanne’s bestselling book, Part-Time Paleo, will be mailed to your door!

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    *Paleo CrockCooker ebook

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